9 Things You Need When You Leave the Hospital

Before your loved one leaves the hospital, make sure you have:

  1. An understanding of your loved one’s condition and diagnosis, results of any tests, and any changes that have happened as a result of treatment during the hospital stay
  2. A written medication list  (including dosage and potential side effects)
  3. A written list of any needed follow-up physicians visits
  4. An understanding of any problems or symptoms that may occur when the patient gets home – what to look for and when to call for help.
  5. A written care plan with next steps
  6. Any special equipment to prepare the home for your loved one’s return (hospital bed, home modification, rental equipment)
  7. Arrangements for home health care or home care aid services- find out what services insurance will and will not cover
  8. Education on any special needs your loved one may have when she arrives home
  9. Transportation home, or wherever your loved one will be going.  Find out if insurance will pay for an ambulance, if necessary.

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